March 7, 2012

A Piictu Proposal

When Alejandro Zea popped the question, his girlfriend offered an odd reply: let’s see what Piictu thinks. 

So Alejandro (aka @zea719) started a stream with eye-catching title: If We get 500 Pics, My GF will marry me. 
Piictu obliged, filling the stream with 523 photos from 378 different users. 
"I didn’t think it would actually work but the morning that we got the 500 pic she woke me up and told me she loved me and would be happy to marry me" Alejandro said, "It gave us an experience that we will never forget, gives us something to talk about when we get old"
The young couple have been using the app for a few months now, and Alejandro says that his girlfriend Elizabeth is really, really into it. 
"The reaction that we got from the community was very surprising  I never thought that we would get so much support as we did. It was really an eye opener. It goes to show that strangers really do care about others that they haven’t met, they wrote captions of ‘good luck!’ and ‘hope it all goes well’ and those were the things that really put a smile on my face."
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