May 4, 2012

Piictu included in the The Art of Apps exhibit in NYC

I always felt the real difference between art and design is around the notion of “responsibility”. Basically, artists get to be somewhat “irresponsible” about what they create with the justification of a greater good, message or feeling they want to convey. In “design” that responsibility is usually serving more of an external force like a market, clients, problems… etc

However… they both share the same core challenge: “what to do next”.

The big dilemma of any creator is constantly answering the “what” the “how” and finally the “why”. Artists and designers are simply people that get accustomed to asking those questions every little step of the way. They live in that question, and by doing so, have access to a constant flow of answers (ideas, forms… etc).

At Piictu design really touches every aspect of our process, from how we think of UX/UI to the metaphors and messaging we borrow to communicate. The easiest way to describe how that process works is “we strive to live and face that question every day”. Because of this practice, as a team, we are lucky to count on that constant flow of fresh ideas and perspectives about what we are working on.

There is a big tendency to shy away from questions as soon as something starts working; but its usually not a good idea. Contrary to how it might feel, that is exactly where you want to be.

We are really excited to be a part of the first “app art” exhibit in NYC called The art of Apps next month. We’ve always considered ourselves a “design driven” company and feel really proud to be included among some of our favorite apps like Path, Paper,  Mixel, Tweetbot.

If you are in NYC this May please stop by the show to see how art, technology and design are opening new opportunities for us to interact and relate to the world.