May 17, 2012

Piictu Profile: Susie Ridgway

Atmospheric and whimsical, Susie Ridgway's photos regularly add a ponderous mood to the Piictu community. With an eye for wide vistas of nature, and an appreciation for intimate, fleeting moments, Susie demonstrates a dynamic range of iPhoneographer prowess. Inspired by her soft lighting and exotic getaway images, we caught up with this Piictu star to learn more about her approach to photography. 
What led you to photography? When did you start?
Photography was a part of my life since I was very young. My grandfather was into photography and always pointing things out to me. Now it has become a full time hobby! 
What apps do you use for editing? Any favorites?
I use Snapseed for editing. It’s without a doubt the best and easiest to use photo enhancer, that I’ve ever come across.
What subjects do you prefer to take photos of?
I like to take pictures of whatever I think looks interesting and beautiful. Most of the time it’s nature, it puts on a fantastic show of colour. I also like it because of the fact that no two photos are the same in nature. The way water drops fall in a waterfall or a leaf moves, it’s never the same.
What do you enjoy about using Piictu?
It’s really addictive, easy to use and has a great community feel about it!