June 13, 2012

Caught in a Piictu Romance

Piictu is filled with lovely people. We’ve also learned that it’s a remarkable place for supporting the love between users. But what about a place for love to begin? Could one ever find love on Piictu, even if you weren’t looking for it?

Meet ajpanda. A New York fashion photographer, AJ met up with us at the last Piictu Happy Hour and told us the exciting story of meeting a nice young man on the app. 

"He would ‘like’ my Piics and I would his, but I never thought anything more of it." AJ said. "He wrote me a message on Piictu by taking a snapshot of a note he wrote and just said that he thought he might have seen me before in the city, we were in the same scenes, he asked if I attended NYU and I said no but that I lived near by. He later gave me his KIK user name and we continued talking there."

"I’m not entirely sure how comfortable I was with all this at first. But he wasn’t a creep about anything, it was just us genuinely wanting to get to know each other. I loved his Piics and the warmth in his pictures. As a photographer that meant a lot to me. So he asked me out on a date he said it would just be ‘two friends getting delicious bagels.’"

AJ accepted. The two caught up, and have been together for six months now. But she still makes time for the important things.  

"I still go on Piictu, at least daily" she added. "It has introduced me to some amazing people and new forms of photography. I love it!"