August 2, 2012

Big Travels for Big Boy

After spending two years in Iraq, Antonio Ramirez is currently stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. Known as Tony_Ram on Piictu, his Big Boy project has gained a lot of momentum, and quite a few funny and attentive photos documenting the burger mascot’s travels. The stream demonstrates an inventive and diverse community surrounding Big Boy’s various destinations, and garners support and celebration from many other viewers. After flipping through the photos, it is clear Big Boy has a world of his own. 



Antonio Ramirez: I got the idea for Big Boy after my last deployment to Iraq when I realized that I didn’t take any pictures of him in various locations that he had been in with me. I don’t get the chance to travel much on my own time, so packing up and going on a vacation to multiple places was out of the question. It was then that I decided that Big Boy would travel on his own through the US, and then maybe the world.

Big Boy was chosen because he has traveled with me through two deployments, traveling over 28,000 miles total, and he has returned safely each time. I figured it was time for him to go on vacation and visit others. The only problem was that I did not know whom or where I could send him.

So, I turned to the Piictu community and received positive feedback from many people. There is no other app out there that feels like you are part of a family and that is what gained my trust and confidence to let Big Boy travel within the Piictu family.

My goal for Big Boy is for him to travel the world to see as many major landmarks and buildings that Piictu users see in their daily life. But for right now I’m content with him traveling across the US and touching all 50 states.


Thank you, Antonio! We hope you reach your goals! 

Watch Big Boy’s Journey on Piictu