August 10, 2012

A Magical Mystery Box

Maksim Kopeikin takes great, aesthetically pleasing photographs, using filters to push a sense of nostalgia and quietness inherent in each. Each photo has a sense of calculation related to the frame, relating shapes and lines to the square constraints of the photo uploaded.  Maksim’s streams evoke a sense of imagination around the everyday, as in “Information Portal" or "Burger Distortion Field”. He has been kind enough to answer a few questions over email. 

- Piictu


Where do you live currently?

In my home country, Latvia, in our beautiful capital Riga.

Are you a photographer for a living? 

I don’t do photography for a living because there are a dozen other things I could do for a living; it’s just really hard to pick one. If you’ve ever tried doing multiple things for a living you’d know that the result will be sub-par. Why? Concentration and the desired level of detail takes time and a lot of brain power.

Only with full dedication to something one would be able to accomplish some kind of self-satisfactory level, which, at that specific point in time feels damn near perfection, yet, it isn’t. And even then, it’s for a very short period of time.

As far my iPhone photography/videography goes? I just love it and I have a taste for what I like, hence I don’t put out stuff I personally think has no value factor for others.

For the “Magical Mystery Box” stream, what inspired you to begin documenting the box? Do you take it with you places normally?

The box itself inspired to me start documenting it: I don’t go out without my Magical Mystery Box. The box had a very long history even before I started documenting it, but everything changed when someone sat on top of it and broke the lid. After that happened I hadn’t carried that box for two years.

Suddenly, I felt the need to fix it after my mother repeatedly wanted to get rid of it. After I fixed it, I knew that I have to go the extra mile and do something with it to make it feel complete.

So, I asked a friend of mine to do that abstract painting on top, which was replaced with a piece of plank (below, one can see the unpainted wood on the case).

She did. And it was beautiful. After that, the box fetish began. I started noticing that the box is just the perfect size. I can fit my notepad in there. Millimeter perfect. I can fit that and this and everything!

And after that, I’ve noticed how it just blends in with the surrounding landscape of objects, interiors, nature etc. And, just by chance, I’ve decided to wittingly put the box in a couple of pictures I was doing for some freelance clients at that time. Something like a stamp or maybe a easter-egg type of thing… And that’s where it all began.


We will look for the Easter Egg Magical Picture Box photos coming our way soon.
Thank you, Maksim!