September 1, 2011

A Hurricane Sweeps Through Piictu

Flatiron NYC from VictoriaBarry

A Photo from jbeatty28

From Nujoisy

Last weekend, while Hurricane Irene pounded the East Coast of the United States, inventive housebound Piictu users shared their storm experiences in real-time through a Piictu “Hurricane Irene” stream.

The conversation began with images of preparations. Businesses prepared their properties for the elements. Liquor vendors pitched wine as emergency supplies. Supermarket shelves were cleared out. Owners warned that they would not be open over the weekend.

Hurricane Panic from Colleen_Brogan

Then the first drops fell. If you were following the stream in real-time, you could use Piictu alone to track the progress of the storm. As users sent well-wishes to all those under the clouds, photos came in of intense lightning strikes, beach erosion, and downed trees.

Some of the Hurricane damage was beyond belief.

Might be awhile for power… from frankma4

In just over 2 days, 100 Piictu users shared 139 images of the way Irene affected their lives. It was awesome to follow. People were pretty adventurous, stepping out into the carnage to share wild images. But of course, it was just one stream among many. The Silly Dogs stream, for instance, offered a welcome escape from grim flooding and blown-out power lines.