July 25, 2012

Piictu Profile: @Qoop’s OBENTO!

Qoope is a Japanese office worker, currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Several times a week, Qoope shares his lunches in a Piictu Stream called, “Today’s OBENTO, thx Honey!”.  These lunches are perfectly boxed together, often with cuts of fresh fish, vegetables, and rice. Since we’ve been salivating over the entire stream, we decided to contact Qoope to learn more about the dish.


I was wondering - are these Obentos made for you by your significant other?

These obentos are made for my lunch by my wife every morning.

What goes into an obento box so that it’s obento (and not another Japanese dish?)

"Bento" means a Japanese style lunch box or its contents, but not limited to Japanese dishes. Italian, Chinese, French, etc. can be made available. The "o" is attached to the noun, because it is polite in Japanese, o-bento. Please refer to the below home page created by a French man, who loves "bento" and now manages a bento-box shop in Kyoto, Japan: http://en.bentoandco.com/pages/contest-top-10 That blog shows appetizing, beautiful obento boxes.

What made you want to document your meals in a stream?

To record my lovely wife’s beautiful work.

Do you get a lot of feedback from posting them?

I’m happy to receive about ten responses or more, every time I post them.

Thanks so much for sharing, Qoope!